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S G Ganesh is a practitioner working in the area of code quality management at Siemens Corporate Research and Technologies in Bangalore. He previously worked in HP's C++ compiler team and was also a member of the C++ standardization committee. His areas of interests include OO design, design patterns, and programming languages.He is a Software Engineering Certified Instructor (IEEE certification) and has an OCPJP 7 certification. 

He can be reached at sgganesh@gmail.com. You can follow him on Twitter @GSamarthyam

Tushar Sharma is a researcher and practitioner at Siemens Corporate Research and Technologies–India for almost five years. His interests include OO software design, OO programming, refactoring, and design patterns. He has OCPJP 7 certification. You can find more information about him at his website.

He can be reached at tushar.sharma@ieee.org. Here is his Amazon author page. You can follow him on Twitter @Sharma__Tushar

Send your queries related to OCPJP at ocpjp7@gmail.com

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