"To err is human" and we are no different. Although, we tried hard not to introduce any error in our book but we understand that there might exist latent errors in the book.

From the beginning, we received many inputs from our readers in the form of emails and comments on this blog. We fixed a set of mistakes in Aug-Sept 2013; thus, readers who purchased the book after Sept 2013 have the copy in which a set of problems are fixed. 

Click here to see/download the list of yet to fix known mistakes. Also, you may download the list of mistakes that we already fixed in Aug-Sept 2013. 

We encourage our readers to report a possible mistake here.

Thanks to our readers:
We would like to convey our sincere thanks to following readers who contributed to the errata document: Sheila Weiss, Sebastiaan Heunis, John Doe, Steve Tarlton, Beto Montejo, Michael Klenk, Luca Aliberti, Mikael Strand,  Jonathan S. Weissman, Bob, Gaël Jaffré, EpicWestern, John Stark, FlyTrap, Bruno Soares Bravo, Jaymoid, Denis Talochkin, Souvik Goswami, and Pawel K.

1 comment:

  1. possible mistake in page 69 or 70. In page 70, when you downsize the Shape to Circle.
    "Circle c2 = (Circle) c2.copy();"
    YET, downsizing from Shape to Circle; still with the error because in the previous code in page 69, Shape IS-NOT a Circle, but Circle IS-A Shape