Friday, 13 September 2013

Latest release of the book fixes reported errors in the book!

We took up the task of writing the book in an incredibly tight schedule. We wanted the book to be out as soon as the beta exam becomes the final exam, and we missed that deadline only by a month or so. Given the fact that both of us (Tushar and myself) have a full-time demanding job, hyperactive kids in our respective homes, and short deadlines, we're extremely happy that our book came out to the market as the first book on OCPJP 7 exam preparation. 

With the tight schedule, we couldn't get much time for reviews and rigorous checks, and quite a few mistakes slipped into the production version of the book - that is the major criticism of our book. We are thankful to our readers who were supportive of us as well as reported bugs. Now, all the known mistakes are fixed in the book and the updated version is available in ebook form and Print-On-Demand books; for the print version, for the further reprints, this updated version will be available. We thank the Apress team for helping us in updating the book and making it available for all the resellers. 

Our hearty thanks to the all the readers who were patient with us and helped us by reporting the errors in the errata page for the book in this blog. We've copied the image from the book acknowledgement section of the book (if we have missed anyone in this list, we are sorry for that and please do let us know): 

Note that the book in its current form is quite comprehensive, covers almost all topics in required depth, and uses an example-driven approach which makes the concepts easier to understand. Given the fact that this is the only book (to our knowledge) to *prepare* for OCPJP 7 exam available in the market, we hope that this updated version is very helpful to our readers. 

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